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In order to make the most out of opportunities, one of the most important tasks finance companies have to perform is the minimising of risks.
Severn Consultancy has many years of both national and international expertise in establishing risk-orientated management procedures and ensuring that regulatory guidelines are met.

We provide comprehensive consulting services comprising the following subjects of expertise:


Risk & Compliance Management

Due to the financial and economic crisis, many finance companies are reviewing their risk control measures and risk management. Their primary challenge is the difficulty in identifying, measuring, and effectively controlling individual risk factors. Severn Consultancy assists you with risk identification, analysis and prioritisation, risk limitation and control, as well as with monitoring and reporting.


Regulatory Requirements

Finance companies are experiencing a significant increase in regulatory and supervisory requirements (SOX, Basel II, MiFiD, Solvency II, Capital Adequacy etc.). In order to comprehensively, efficiently and consistently meet these enhanced requirements, existing structures must be adjusted and new processes have to be suited to the institution. Severn Consultancy advises and assists you with the introduction and implementation of new regulatory specifications – rapidly and efficiently.


Middle & Back Office

The harmonisation of the single European market is moving forward. For banks and global custodians the subject of cross-border transactions is and will remain a critical challenge. For Asset Managers the UCIT’s IV directive will lead to new opportunities. Analysing the implications, designing new strategies to gain competitive advantage, redefining the value chain and product portfolios to seek opportunities for cost reduction, these are the topics. Severn Consultancy understands the big picture and assists you in identifying the actions necessary to develop alternative solutions. We define the implementation strategy and monitor the successful execution.


Finance & Accounting

Changing standards, high levels of complexity and increasing requirements for reliability and regularity in reporting mechanisms – all simultaneously and with an ever-smaller support staff – these are the current challenges facing F&A departments. Severn Consultancy assists you with the optimisation of all planning, control and reporting processes of corporate-wide accounting – for more efficiency, transparency, and security.


Sales Management

The requirements are increasing for efficient and cost-effective sales management. As new products are introduced into the market, (low) cost is a key factor and therefore new sales models and fee structures are increasingly important. Severn helps financial institutions with the implementation of processes, optimization of information technology (CRM systems) so that financial institutions gain a competitive edge.



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