Manage complex projects effectively and productively

All Financial Service organisations use project management to implement their strategic plans. Whether these are for the introduction of new products, the implementation of regulatory requirements, or the continual optimisation of processes, agile project management is of significant importance. Unfortunately many projects break down due to their complexity – they take much longer and cost much more than originally anticipated. Severn Project Management Services are designed to support every aspect of mission critical projects and programmes.

Because projects are subject to specific requirements that differ from the demands of day-to-day business operations, projects require highly-skilled, professional management to achieve successful execution. Severn's professional project management team is able to act as Programme Directors, Project Managers and staff Project Offices providing a top up in capability. In delivering these services we are able to illustrate the benefits of the "Severn way to get it done".

In the current climate, making certain that the organisation spends its internal investment wisely is crucial. Ensuring that the projects maximise the return and competitive effect is the business of Portfolio Management. Doing the right projects and doing them well is key to the “Severn way to get it done”.

Project Performance Improvement, delivering faster, cheaper projects while producing better quality results is therefore of competitive importance. Over the last years, we have been able to save our clients 30 percent and reduce timetables by 16 percent.

The modular structure of our integrated project management services guarantees that changes are made precisely in those areas where optimisation is required. Tailored specifically for your needs.

Wie unterstützt Severn?

Da Projekte anderen, spezielleren Anforderungen unterliegen als das Tagesgeschäft, erfordern sie ein qualifiziertes und professionelles Management, um erfolgreich umgesetzt werden zu können. Mit unseren praxisbewährten Projekt-Management Services unterstützen wir unsere Mandanten dabei, komplexe Projekte hervorragend zu managen und dabei effektiv die Kosten zu steuern. Insbesondere im Projektbereich ergibt sich ein häufig unterschätztes Einsparpotenzial durch die richtige Priorisierung und Durchführung von Projekten sowie das Management des Projektportfolios. In den vergangenen Jahren konnten wir so für unsere Mandanten Einsparungen von 30 Prozent und mehr realisieren.

Unsere integrierten Projekt-Management Services garantieren aufgrund ihres modularen Aufbaus, dass wir Veränderungen exakt dort vornehmen, wo Optimierungsbedarf besteht. Passgenau für Ihre Anforderung.

The Severn Services Project Management

  • Project Performance Improvement
  • Project Health Assessments
  • PM Competency
  • Estimation Techniques
  • Pragmatic Quality Assurance
  • Management of mission critical projects
  • Intelligent Project Office

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