Manage complex projects effectively and productively

The Starting Position

In all financial service organizations project management to implement their strategic development plans is of importance. Whether they are set up for the introduction of new products, the implementation of regulatory requirements, continual optimization of processes and changes in information technology, successful project management is of high stragetic importance. Due to complexity many projects unfortunately fail, they take much longer and cost more than expected. In some cases they fall through completely. Most common reason for that is daily business, which is in need of all capacities.

How does Severn support?

Because projects are subject of other specific demands than the ones in daily business, there is a need of qualified and professional management for successful implementation. With our best practice of project management services we support our clients to manage complex projects and control costs effectively. Particularly the project sector arises an often underestimated saving potential by the correct prioritization and execution of projects as well as the management of product portfolio

Especially in the area of project management an often underestimated saving potential basing on priorisation and execution of projects and management of product portfolio can be found . Thus we could realise more than 30 percent of savings and more for our clients in the last years.

Our integrated project management services in modular structure guarantees, that we exactly recommend custom-fit changes where optimization needs exist. 

The Severn Services Project Management

  • Project Performance Improvement
  • Project Health Assessments
  • PM Competency
  • Estimation Techniques
  • Pragmatic Quality Assurance
  • Management of mission critical projects
  • Intelligent Project Office

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