Effectively adjust internal organisational structureswith change processes

Constant change is a feature of life in financial companies. The effect is frequent change to processes, technology and organisational structures. Often the condition and robustness of the process and supporting IT infrastructure provides a challenge to the organisation that wishes to adapt rapidly. Whether the objective is cost reduction, internal controls, or cost transparency, the effectiveness of the processes is also a decisive factor for success. Recently, however, change has been taking place at an ever-quickening pace. As a consequence, companies are being forced to effectively adjust their internal organisational structures to change processes within an extremely short period of time – and therein lies the challenge.

Severn Consultancy assists you with effective measures for realigning your internal organisational structures – from the optimisation of existing processes to reengineering and outsourcing. For performance without detours.

Severn Consultancy has several years of experience with a variety of projects, in particular those dealing with cross-border processes and the outsourcing of business processes. We see ourselves in these projects as practitioners of change, assisting finance companies along the way to shape processes of change proactively and purposefully.

Efficient processes and transparent costs – with Severn Consultancy, develop your internal organisational structures optimally and according to your company’s particular visions of change – so you are best equipped for the future. After all, the world never stands still.

Wie unterstützt Severn?

Severn Consultancy unterstützt Sie mit wirkungsvollen Maßnahmen bei der Neuausrichtung Ihrer internen Organisation – von der Optimierung bestehender Prozesse bis hin zum Re-Engineering oder Outsourcing. Für Leistung ohne Umwege.

Insbesondere im Bereich von grenzüberschreitenden Prozessen bzw. der Auslagerung von Geschäftsprozessen hat Severn Consultancy langjährige Erfahrung in vielfältigen Projekten. Wir verstehen uns hierbei als Praktiker des Wandels, die Finanzunternehmen dabei unterstützen, Veränderungsprozesse proaktiv und zielgerichtet zu gestalten.

Effiziente Prozesse und transparente Kosten – mit Severn Consultancy entwickeln Sie Ihre interne Organisation optimal gemäß Ihrer individuellen Veränderungsvorhaben – damit Sie für die Zukunft optimal gerüstet sind. Denn die Welt steht niemals still.

The Severn Services Performance Improvement

  • Lean process design
  • Processes designed to cost
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Optimisation of SLA's
  • Operational Risk Management
  • Operational manuals

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