Effectively adjust internal organizational structures with change processes

The Starting Position

Constant change is a feature of life in financial companies. There is a need to frequent changes of processes, technology and organisational structures. Whether the objective is cost reduction, cost control, or cost transparency, the effectiveness of these processes is also a decisive factor for success. Recently, however, change has been taking place at an ever-quickening pace. As a consequence, companies are being forced to adjust their organizational structures effectively - and exactly this is the challenge.

How does Severn support?

Severn Consultancy supports you with striking measures to new positioning of your internal organization - from optimization of existing processes to re-engineering or outsourcing. For performance without diversions.

Especially in the sector of transboundary processes respectively outsourcing of business processes Severn can prove experience in manifold projects.

We understand ourselves as practitioners of change, who support financial businesses to organize changing processes proactively and .target-oriented.

Efficient processes and transparent costs - with Severn Consultancy you develop your internal organization appropriately to your intentions of changes - so that you are prepared for the future optimally. Because the world never stands still.

The Severn Services Performance Improvement

  • Optimization of business processes on the basis of analysis of staff requirement and legal expenses
  • Supporting business process outsourcing
  • Contolling and optimization of SLA- and KPI-management
  • Workflow- and document-management improvement
  • Generation and enhancement of operational manuals

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