Make change possible with structured IT-Management

For most companies and particular those in the Finance Sector the ability to rapidly change the IT infrastructure is a competitive advantage. Owning sub optimal IT systems eventually becomes an obstacle to profitability and progress. Inevitably Strategic Change in the Finance Sector involves the alteration of systems or IT platforms.

The growing complexity of information technology in companies places ever higher demands on IT management. Against this backdrop, Severn assists decision-makers in analysing IT Strategy and creating sustainable improvement.

The focus here is on: 

  • Increasing product and service quality
  • Increasing customer satisfaction
  • Optimal cost control

With Severn’s services, you increase your IT performance and enhance support to business operations. We help you to effectively make the necessary changes, i.e. effectively putting your business requirements into practice within your IT environment.

How does Severn support?

The growing complexity of information technology within companies is setting more specified demands on IT-management. Against this background Severn supports decision makers with analysis of IT-strategy and enduring improvements of IT-management.

In focus here:

Increase of product- and service-quality

Enhancement of customer loyalty

Optimal cost control

Furthermore IT-organisations are under exposure of extreme conflict areas: On one hand they have to improve efficiencies, to compensate declining market margins, on the other hand they are subject of increasing regulating pressure (especially MaRisk), forcing companies to structural alignments. 

These differences do not necessarily have to exclude each other. Severns experienced and proven approaches proven connect "regulatory compliance" and "IT-efficiency" to effective solutions for IT-organisations.

The Severn Services IT-Management

  • Development of IT-strategy
  • Analysis and improvement of IT-efficiency
  • IT-compliance and security
  • Software selection
  • IT-architecture and planning
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery

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