Severn analyses the impact of new risk requirements

02. March 2010

Increasing requirements for banks in response to the financial crisis

+++ Guest lecture at a Banking Conference on 2nd March 2010 +++

At the conference Norman Nehls, Manager at Severn Consultancy GmbH, Germany, outlines the amendment of the German Minimum Requirements for Risk Management („MaRisk“) and their impact regarding the risk controlling in financial institutions.

Other speakers who contributed to the title “Overall bank risk management during financial crises” were Mrs. Prof. Dr. Renate Luderer, Mr. Prof. Dr. Paul Bisani and Mr. Prof. Dr. Stefan Zeranski, etc.Risk Managers of banks, who visited the Conference at the University of Cooperative Education Sachsen, Germany, gained experience in selected new requirements of the MaRisk and detailed references for the implementation.

Furthermore, the participants learnt more about the importance of active risk awareness for an efficient qualitative risk controlling using the example of “Operational Risk Management”. 

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Shortly we will publish a detailed conference transcript. If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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