Resistant Risk Management to endure financial crises

18. September 2009

The new MaRisk increase the requirements on bank’s risk management methods and procedures

The financial crisis revealed the inefficiency of the current risk management in banks and yield to unavoidable intensification of the regulatory framework.

With the amendment of the German Minimum Requirements for Risk Management (MaRisk – Circular 15/2009 of the German Supervisory Authority) – published on 14.08.2009 – banks are confronted with various new regulations which have significant impacts on risk management and controlling processes. The preparation of sophisticated stress tests, the assessment of risk concentrations and a revised incentive structure on a riskadjusted basis are only some areas that requires an enhanced risk management. The new requirements have to be implemented until December 31st 2009.

Please read Severn´s Fact Sheet and find out more about: 

  • What are the essential new requirements of the amendment of „MaRisk“;
  • What are the impacts on methods and procedures of risk controlling caused by the modified requirements;
  • How you can check your current risk management quickly and reliable and what are the next steps to be prepared for the new challenges.

Fact Sheet MaRisk for banks from 19.08.2009 (PDF in German)

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