Make it change. Make it work.

Severn’s track record is as a trusted advisor to finance companies. We enable successful back-office change on an international basis.

  • All our focus is in pursuit of optimal solutions for our clients: optimal in the sense of forward-looking, effective, successful.
  • Severn belongs to the next generation of consulting companies – acting with conviction: we do what's right for our client.
  • We mean what we say, we say what we think and we keep our promises.
  • Our consultants let their actions speak for themselves. They are entrepreneurial and show initiative and personal responsibility. We deliver concrete results that advance our clients.
  • Business relationships based on partnerships' isn’t a mere catch phrase for us, but a way of life. Knowledge transfer is a matter of course at Severn – with our clients and with our employees.
  • We are team-orientated, we build and rely on valuable long-term relationships with our clients and employees. Our clients tell us that they see the added value from this approach.
  • Our motivation is to constantly improve our expert knowledge and methodologies. In this way we stay relevant and remain as trusted advisors to our clients.

The values behind our actions

Solution-orientated  Dedicated to our clients

Partnership  Win-win situation for clients and customers

Innovation New thinking for new challenges

Trust & Reliability Integritty, openness, honesty

Success Excellent quality to achieve targets


Wirtschaftliches Handeln ethisch orientieren
Als Unternehmen sind wir nicht nur ein wirtschaftlicher Akteur, sondern jede unserer Handlungen hat Auswirkungen auf andere. Wir fühlen uns ethischen Grundsätzen verpflichtet und unterstützen deshalb das Deutsche Netzwerk Wirtschaftsethik (dnwe).

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0,4 Newton Zugkraft in der Zunge
Sie sind eigenwillig, flexibel und blitzschnell: Chamäleons. Da diese liebenswerte Spezies das Severn Maskottchen ist, unterstützen wir den Frankfurter Zoo beim Aufbau des neuen Chamäleongeheges. Sobald es fertiggestellt ist, informieren wir.

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